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The Tule Basin Management Zone (TBMZ) is California nonprofit public benefit corporation made up of nitrate dischargers in Tulare County and a small portion of Kern County permitted through the Central Valley Water Board. The TBMZ is responsible for compliance with the requirements of the Central Valley Salinity Alternatives for Long-Term Sustainability (CV-Salts) Nitrate Control Program.

A part of the TBMZ compliance with the Nitrate Control Program is the implementation of the TBMZ Early Action Plan (EAP) for ensuring safe drinking water is available for residents within the Management Zone whose drinking supply has been contaminated by nitrates. To learn more about the TBMZ visit our About Us page by clicking the link below.


What is a Local Management Zone?

A Management Zone is a regulatory alternative, or alternative compliance pathway (Pathway B), for the Central Valley Water Board to permit discharges of nitrate to waters of the state. The Central Valley Water Board ensures implementation of commitments made by dischargers through waste discharge requirements (WDRs).

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Nitrate Control Program Overview

CV-SALTS has developed the Central Valley’s Nitrate Control Program to address historical nitrate problems affecting groundwater. The Nitrate Control Program’s three primary goals consist of:

  1. Provide safe drinking water, particularly for residents in affected areas, as quickly as possible
  2. Reduce nitrate impacts to water supplies
  3. Restore groundwater quality where feasible.

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Join the Tule Basin Management Zone

Joining the Tule Basin Management Zone offers several key benefits for permittees choosing to work together to achieve nitrate compliance:

  1. Work collectively to ensure safe drinking water supplies to affected areas within the Management Zone.
  2. Share resources, knowledge, and costs of nitrate management by working with others.
  3. Manage nitrate problems locally with more flexibility than under past regulations.
  4. Avoid “going it alone” under demanding individual permit (Pathway A)
  5. Apply local knowledge to implement nitrate reduction actions by adapting management to local conditions.
  6. Support a vision that manages nitrate for a viable local economy and community over the long-term.

Permitted dischargers who received a Notice to Comply from the Central Valley Water Board should consider joining the Tule Basin Management Zone.

If you have received a Notice to Comply from the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and are seeking to choose Pathway B – Local Management Zone, and would like to become part of the Tule Basin Management Zone, please fill out the form below.

Community Outreach

For updates on the TBMZ on-going efforts, events, and opportunities to get involved Management Zone as a permitted nitrate discharger, visit our Community Outreach page by clicking the link below.


To view upcoming meeting times and materials for TBMZ Advisory Committee meetings, public workshops, or other public events relating to implementation of the TBMZ EAP, visit our Events page by clicking the link below.

Safe Drinking Water Program

For residents within the TBMZ that believe their drinking water supply may be contaminated by nitrates and would like to learn more about programs the Management Zone offers for providing free safe drinking water, visit out Safe Drinking Water page by clicking the link below.


To become an interested party to the TBMZ, join the Management Zone as a permitted discharger, complete an Impacted Resident Stakeholder survey, or to apply for safe drinking water programs, visit our Forms page by clicking the link below.


To view the TBMZ Preliminary Management Zone Proposal, Early Action Plan and additional resources relating to the Nitrate Control program, visit our Technical page by clicking the link below.

Contact Us

To contact the TBMZ visit out Contact Us page by clicking the link below.

TBMZ Porterville Community Resource Fair

Overall Winner 3rd Grade Valeria Hernandez – Terra Bella School

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